The $600 ?

Assuming most of you make under 75k, what do you plan on doing with it?

The government claims its going to fix the economy crisis. Now im no economist but when theres a reccesion/depression since when are you supposed to spend? I rememeber people surviveng the depression by saving. Everything is ass backwards with these guys.

First off what the hell is $600 bucks going to do? I cant pay my rent with that. Am I supposed to launch a business? Lemonade stand?

Some are talking about supporting there favorite canidate and evem more radical giving it back to the Feds. To curb there debt dealing dollar dropping middle income robbing ways. If you got it like that then thats your call. I cant help but think this is a scheme to make the dollar drop more or just a easy cop out to push blame on us for mispending. They already attack health care and fuel effeicny that way.

Im going to buy a big chunk of gold. The hell with your paper money and capitilist aproach to our economy. Next not a dam thing. Im going to do what wall street does and sit on it. My tax returns too. I would advise you to do the same.

On second thought silver and copper are great alternatives. Since the $900 a ounce is ridiculus. Point being save it, even a certified deposit wont hurt. Unless the dollar plunges before it matures.


Anonymous said...

Dude, they attack people on welfare, "want a hand out" yet when banks enter into risky investments. i.e. dot com bust, real estate bust, credit crunch.............they hold their hand out and get bailed out, hence inflation tax that continues to erode away @ the dollar, yet benefit the few.

Their (the Fed) who got us into this mess to begin with, hope that we will spend it. It's simple economics, when times are bad, people hoard their money, when in fact if they would spend it, exchange, put money back into circulation it would give the economy a jump start. I believe its just a band-aid, typical Washington approach to solving the problem. For the real problem is in our complete economic model. No incentive to save, deficit spending, when you can't borrow enough, or tax enough, you print more money out of thin air. No manufacturing base, savings at worst levels since the great depression, deficit spending. It's a train wreck thats been coming for a long time. Unfortunately, it will take a complete collapse to make change.

"Sometimes brute force is the only way" Adolf Hitler

Sharon said...

Here is something you could do with it. I have thought alot like you and I understand that feeling but I have also realized that if we pool together in some kind of program we can actually begin to turn things around. If you are brave write me at sharonmaxson@gmail.com and find out how I know we can turn the average joe economical situation around.

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