Blood Stains In The Snow Ruby Ridge Idaho

This is what happen on Ruby Ridge told by Racheal Weaver. This is about the governments abuse of power and the lost off our rights.

Randy Weaver moved to Ruby Ridge a moutain top in Idaho to get away from the New World Order. The Weaver family feared for there life and wanted to escape the fascist elite.

There fears came true when the government did come and try to kill them. AFter they planted informants in different miltia groups. They tried to arrest Randy Weaver for selling a shotgun that they claim was sawed off. The feds tried to make him a snitch, he refused and was arrested.

Untold events started when Randy missed court and was misinformed he lost his property because of the bond. He stayed on his property fearing his days were numbered. The police would come on his property and hide in the woods. One night the dogs barked and the kids went to investigate. They arrived at the path and saw the police shoot the dog. The young boy Sam returned fire and was gunned down.

Then it realy got heated when the army arrived. They were forced to board up and not step foot outside. During this Vickie Weaver gave birth to Elizabeth. Eventualy they had to bury Sam, when they returned to the house a sniper shot Vickie in the head while holding Elizabeth. For weeks they tormented them with lights, loud noise, and bulldozed all there buildings.

Ill let you watch the video and judge it for yourself but there long. The Weavers were acquitted of all charges in the end. But lost two family members for the obivous abuse of power. Noone was ever charged or fired for the shooting of a unarmed women or child. They wont even admit that they made mistakes besides the rules of engagement.

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