Debate The Debate

The MSNBC debate started at 9:00 and the 2008 Selection continues. Vote for who you think won in my poll. And add your comments to what you think happen.

We already know there going to censor the rerun like they been doing. So watch it live and watch them lie with every word they speak and watch them squirm when Dr. Paul tries to speak the truth.

So far everyone tried to escape the Social security question besides Dr.Paul. Paul says no more spending, end the war. Romney talks about Saving Accounts for social security instead. He must work with Hillary at Wal Mart. Then McCain says raise taxes to fix it. There they go again saying how they don't want to raise taxes but they will and they still wont fix Social Security.

Wheres the economy questions? Aren't we facing a recession? What about the weak dollar? Foreign Investment in our nation security. Recently a chinese company put a bid on the pentagon security program wich gaurds against chinese hackers.

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