Final Push for CNN Debate questions. IF YOU ARE ONLINE - PLEASE VOTE NOW

We have submitted 5 killer questions for the CNN debate on 1/30, and need your help to vote them to the top of the most popular list.

To vote, click here And vote for the following questions.
This link doesnt want to work, click on the title above.

#27 on the MOST POPULAR tab (our latest question - so it needs the most help)
"If you believe we need to win the war in Iraq to make progress ..."

#10 on the MOST POPULAR tab
"What caused the housing bubble?"

#5 on the MOST POPULAR tab
"The Federal Reserve recently propped up..........."

#2 on the MOST POPULAR tab
"In the Florida debate Senator McCain said......"

#1 on the MOST POPULAR tab.
"Can you explain exactly what your definition......."

All of these questions have been designed after much debate and are will help demonstrate that RP is the best republican candidate at the 1/30 debate, even if other candidates are asked the questions instead of him. In fact, that was the explicit idea as it is our best option to reach out to voters who currently support other candidates. We intentionally stayed clear of constitution questions because all we we get from the other candidates is lip service and it would not help RP.

Please take a minute to vote. The time to debate these is over. We only have time to ensure these get to #1 through #5

Many Thanks.

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