Giuliani gets last stab @ Ron Paul before quitting

In this brief clip, Rudy Giuliani - who won't be in this race much longer - says that Ron Paul won all of the debates.

Some people might think that's a joke, but for once, Rudy is right! Remember the debate in South Carolina? It appeared at the time that Rudy won that battle -- at least with the neo-con stacked audience. Ron Paul later called this "a lonely moment" for him on stage. But in the long haul, Ron Paul proved to be the real winner. Rudy will be out of the race by the end of this week. With our enthusiasm & support, Ron Paul is going the distance.

The fact that Rudy is out means that in spite of how hard the media tried to make the G-man a front runner, it failed! And for as hard as the media is trying to ignore us, and our guy, we are not going away! Some people might be disappointed by tonight's showing in Florida. Don't despair. This is but yet another victory. Giuliani bites the dust! Ron Paul is still standing which means we can all continue moving forward towards our goal.

For now, let's go back in time to the debate in South Carolina and remember just why we love Ron Paul so much.

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