Where Did My $600 go?

They said on Fox news that the tax stimulus rebate was only for middle income and up. I don't know where middle class starts but I'm sure my 7 grand isn't it. So there giving me a $300 tax deduction. I barely pay taxes and if I did its a few bucks. Can I get a social security rebate instead? I'm not the only one 35 million of us are exempt from the rebate. Just like the last time the Bush cuts came around.

Our backwards government is giving out 50 billion to people who make over $50k. A trillion for Iraq, 20 billion for Israel, 12 Billion for Pakistan, 20 billion for Saudi Arabia. Not a dime for people in poverty?

At the same time they vetoed the children health coverage bill. Took money out of social security. And let HMO's take over medicare. The economy is the greatest threat to American people. The service jobs aren't working and we need the same opportunity that our parents had with high paying manufacturing jobs.

When you see us on the streets don't blame me, Bush made me do it. Bill O'Riely goes on talking about the hot stock market is great for investing. Then he lectures the government on spending money. He thinks I should be paying more taxes then the government and rich people do. He says the government shouldn't be subsidising the poor. Like the timber industry? Or the airlines? Using tax dollars to put land in environmental trust then turning around and selling it to the highest bidder.

The government has no problems with bailing out industry and soon the mortgage company's. The stock market being good is a illusion. Yeah you can buy low but you might lose it all. Its a manipulated market and is being inflated to devalue our dollar.


Anonymous said...

You are such an idiot. You just admited that you don't pay taxes. Some people pay many thousands of dollars per year. I certainly do. My wife, too. But, for the record, I'm totally against the IRS and the income tax. End it and end it now! Get your grubby hands out of my pocket. Stop stealing my money and handing it over to the Federal Reserve for interest to pay the national debt.

Anonymous said...

35 million people dont pay any or little taxes, This is our system.

You cant pay tax when you dont work and if you make under 10 grand you might as well not work.

Im forced to work part time so a billion dollar company can save on beneifits.

If I made at least ten grand I would probaly pay 200 in taxes.

Dont I pay a sales tax, state tax, social security.

Your the one getting the money so your the one thats fucking up the economy.

Ill make it simple for you
U pay $100 4 every $1000 you earn.
You make $10,000-$6500 deduction
=$3500 is taxeble.

Taxes left is $350 wich I will kill with other deductions or the $300 rebate.
Get it I pay $50 in taxes.

Now answer the point, how did that stimulate the economy.

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