Congress Throws Covert Israeli Attack on Syria Out Into the Open

Congress Throws Covert Israeli Attack on Syria Out Into the Open
Florida Rep. Robert Wexler: ‘This Is the World’s Worst-Kept Secret’

Washington - As Israel and the United States struggle to maintain a veil of ambiguity over Israel’s alleged air strike against Syria earlier this month, Congress is bringing the issue out into the open and giving American sanction to an event that now seems all but confirmed.

Democrat Robert Wexler from Florida introduced a resolution this week supporting Israel’s covert operation and backing the country’s right to defend itself "in the face of an imminent nuclear or military threat from Syria."

"This is the world’s worst-kept secret," Wexler told the Forward this week, stressing that his proposed resolution did not reveal anything that wasn’t already reported in the world press.

With the lack of any official American or Israeli comment on the alleged air strike, Congress has become the leading voice in debating and promoting public discussion on the issue. A congressional source told the Forward that both the administration and Israel had expressed no opposition to having Congress play this role and that they did not ask lawmakers to abide by the rule of secrecy that both governments imposed on themselves.

The congressional source said that officials in the administration have confirmed in private conversations that the attack indeed took place. The source also said that "in general terms, the reports are right," referring to media reports describing Israel’s target in Syria.


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