Election reform proposals

Let’s face it. Most Americans are too cognitively deficient to vote. That people who don’t know the difference between the trade deficit, budget deficit, and national debt can vote is breathtaking.

I find a paradox, an absurdity, in the get-out-the-vote schemes, encouraging idiots to vote, while people simultaneously choose candidates not based on their philosophical approach to governance, but things like who has the most experience raping and pillaging the country through political acts.

If people should be disqualified from holding office because they haven’t been a politician or a bureaucrat before, or they aren’t an Ivy Leaguer (BTW, Bush is an Ivy Leaguer), then how is it that people are qualified to decide who holds office without possessing those same “credentials?”

I am not so much interested in who holds credentials bestowed upon them by mere mortal men. I care not what a man’s title is. But perhaps people should have to demonstrate some level of cognition, by passing a poll test with objective questions. It is important to have ideologically-neutral and non-leading questions. There could be a multiple choice question to find out if people can discern the difference between the trade deficit, budget deficit, and national debt. Perhaps compel people to name all of the candidates running for the office. If you don’t know who is running, how can you have really considered the issues in controversy?


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