Fixing Error Gives Obama Sweep of all WA Counties

It turns out Barack Obama did win every county in Washington state's Democratic caucuses on Saturday.

The state Democratic Party had initially reported that Hillary Rodham Clinton won just a single county, Douglas, in Eastern Washington by a 53-32 count of delegates.

But now party leaders say someone misreported the results. The correct tally in Douglas County, according to state party Executive Director Jaxon Ravens, is 65 delegates for Obama and 37 for Clinton, completing Obama's sweep of all 39 Washington counties.

"We had a lot of results coming in Saturday night and the person who took down the [Douglas County] results just transposed the numbers. We apologize that the information was misreported on the night of the caucus but we've corrected the error and it's not going to affect the allocation of delegates," Ravens said.

Democrats selected 33,904 delegates statewide through the caucus, Ravens said, and the Douglas County gaffe involved about one-third of 1 percent of all Washington state delegates to the legislative caucuses and county conventions.
By Bob Young, Seattle Times

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