It was a full house for Ron Paul

A Republican Caller and Ron Paul supporter calls in to CSPAN in the wake of the Washington State Republican precinct caucuses, held on Saturday, February 09 2008.
The caller brings into doubt the results of the caucuses:

"It was a full house for Ron Paul.Pretty Much all my precinct officers that came back talked about 50% for Paul and about 12% for McCain...Total BS results for sure...we already have cause for action here in Washington..."

He mentions the sites

According to the Washington State Republican Party website
"Senator John McCain has won the 2008 Republican precinct caucuses in Washington State. With 87.2 percent of precincts reporting statewide, Sen. McCain leads the GOP field with 25.5 % of delegates. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee took 23.7 %, Texas Congressman Ron Paul 20.6 %, and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won 16.5 %. Approximately 12.7 % of delegates reported their preference as "uncommitted", while another 1.1% reported their preference as "other." "

A final report is not expected to be available until Monday, February 11.

CSPAN 2/10/2008 timestamp 7:14 am est

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