Paul Missing On Ballots?

Ron Paul was missing from the ballot at my designated polling place at 6 Lee Avenue Stony Point, NY 10980 in Rockland County NY. Upon mentioning this to the poll workers they proceeded to tell me several times that "He dropped out". This is my personal account.
The Ron Paul NYC Headquarters was notified and its now in their hands but its your turn to voice your concern and your discontent with the Rockland County Board of Elections who were responsible for this - whether it was a mistake or intentional its unacceptable.

Rockland County Board of Elections
Phone: 845-638-5172
Fax: 845-638-5196

** PLEASE NOTE: If you call please mention this specific voting location. Do not fail to mention your concern over poll workers giving out false information (ie. "Ron Paul dropped out") and, of course, the fact that Ron Paul was not on the voting ballot at this location. Thanks!
A similar incident that occurred in Brooklyn, NY. Here's the story in the Daily News.

Another account of this happening in NY:
Don't sit back and tell yourself this was an isolated incident. The headquarters reported that their phone was off the hook with reports that poll workers were falsely notifying people that Ron Paul had dropped out.

If you ask me it is obstructing democracy... treasonous even.

Ron Paul 2008

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dskap said...

Whoever it is that is behind this fraud, and no matter how many are involved in this fraud, and no matter who they may be, they MUST be found out and put in prison. This is a federal crime against all the peoples of this nation. Call everyone you can to look into this and don't give in to any of them. If you cherish your freedom and liberty then get off your fat ass and actually do something in the name of justice and truth.

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