What Happen In Alaska?

Watch the video! this concerns all the ron paul meetup groups in the Nation!

Whats going on?

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the video did not explain that this "supporter" was arrested for possession of controlled substances and a firearm. This individual was asked not to bring these things to the Ron Paul office and decided not to honor that request. Now, we could debate all day about whether drugs or firearms should be illegal or not, but the fact is that they are illegal in Alaska. And the fact that they were within 1000ft of a daycare didn't help either. The Ron Paul campaign staff was not the only ones who phoned the police that day, the "supporter" also phoned the police prompting an escalation to arrest. Ron Paul is for obeying the rule of law and his supporters should honor him by doing the same. One should expect to reap the consequences when choosing to break the law, especially when they are the ones calling the police.

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