Woman 'beaten'at same police station as man dumped out of wheelchair

This is the same police station that dumped a man from his wheelchair. Marcella Pourmoghani claims she was beaten by a Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office detention deputy, that she had to be taken from the jail to a hospital. Here is the surveillance video from the Orient Road Jail.

Marcella Pourmoghani said she was beaten by a deputy at the Orient Road Jail. She has filed a federal lawsuit.

After seeing what happened to Brian Sterner, the wheelchair-bound quadriplegic, dumped from his chair at the same jail facility, Marcella Pourmoghani is speaking out.

The deputy involved in the Sterner case, Charlette Marshall-Jones, submitted her resignation Monday.

"Unprovoked, just as what happened to myself," she said after watching the wheelchair incident. "I could not breathe from the blood pouring from my mouth and my face,' Pourmoghani said. "And she had her knee on the base of my skull."

Pourmoghani said she was beaten so severely that she had to be taken from the jail to a hospital. At that time, Pourmoghani also was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer. But the state attorney's office dropped the charge after seeing the video.

On Friday, Pourmoghani's attorney filed a lawsuit in federal court. She's suing Hillsborough County, the sheriff's office and all the deputies seen on the video.

Because of the lawsuit, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office won't comment on the case. But last August, when the video first surfaced, a jail supervisor defended the deputy.

FULL STORY:http://www.baynews9.com/content/36/2008/2/18/325777.html


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