The Eminent Domain Battle

“Most local governments covet the sound of coins chinking into tax coffers. And when the possibility of more revenue comes their way, they will do just about anything to grab citizens’ wallets or their private property.”

“Therein lies the problem. When developers want cheap land on which to build, they no longer are satisfied to do it the old-fashioned way—i.e., with their own money and resources. Instead, they genuflect in front of City Hall and expect to be showered with tax-funded goodies. They rarely are disappointed.”

“The power of eminent domain has created a marriage of commercial convenience. Most confiscations of private property nowadays have nothing to do with community projects such as schools, roads, or hospitals. Instead, city governments routinely seize homes and businesses and turn them over for private profit. According to the Institute for Justice, more than 5,000 property owners across the United States had their land seized in the last 10 years for private development.”

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