It was 40 years ago today ... Chicago 10

Last weekend I saw the movie 'The Chicago 10' - trailer above - and it blew me away. It is a documentary of the 1968 Democratic convention, interspersed with an animated recreation of the trial of the 'Chicago 7,' who were accused of inciting a riot. This is an amazing movie.

In 1968, young people from across the country came to protest the war and the Democratic Party's stance of continuing. What was so shocking and surprising to me was the extent of the police state and the violence in 1968. Walter Cronkite mentions it in the video above. In another video - not from the movie, but from actual news footage - we see Dan Rather acting like Alex Jones and getting punched in the stomach inside the convention hall!

Sadly, these young people had the same goals as ours - to take back the country using non violent means. It took these protesters - greater in number and much more vocal than us - five more years to end the war...Why, I wonder, did they fail...

Comments are appreciated from anyone who's seen the movie, but also, from anyone who lived it! (I was just a couple months old at the time!)

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