Jim Forsythe for Congress

Did you know that in New Hampshire a mere $500,000 would fund a very credible campaign for U.S. Congress? Did you know that the only candidate so far to be endorsed by Dr. Paul for U.S. Congress is running in N.H.’s first district? Jim Forsythe has recently filed his FEC paperwork to run, and is devoting 100% of his time now to running – he is in to win! Jim’ diverse experiences in military, business, and academics have greatly impressed the voters of New Hampshire as he has started his campaign.

On March 31st, the quarter will end, and FEC finance reports will be made. We need to help Jim get the most money possible by then in order to send a strong signal of the strength of his campaign. To that end, I have started up two pledge banks – one for $25, and one for $100. Please signup, and donate immediately! And if you can donate more than $100, please do! And spread the word to everyone you know who believes in limited government.

I recently got a fundraising letter from Dr. Forsythe, and in it he said: “I joined the Air Force to support and defend the Constitution, no matter the personal risk, and I will continue that fight by saying “no” in Congress!”. Please join me in supporting someone who will have the courage to stand up and be heard in Congress! Donations can be made directly at www.jimforsythe.com.

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