Wal-Mart Sues Brain-Damaged Employee Injured on the Job (Because of Wal-Mart)

I seriously can't believe this is true, but check the web for other sources. Keith Olbermann calls out an unscrupulous corporation for the horrific treatment of one of its workers.

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Angela said...

I knew Olbermann would jump into this socialist propoganda bs story.

First of all, she wasn't hurt on the job. She was in a car accident. Wal-Mart had nothing to do with her getting injured.

She was ultimately reimbursed twice for her medical expenses...once by her insurance company and once from the court settlement. All insurance policies have clauses prohibiting this, and she and her family are flat out wrong for trying to extort money out of Wal-mart.

Her husband admitted as much on the CNN clip.

Yes, she is a sad story but that doesn't mean she should be allowed to steal $500,000 from a corporation.

Redistributing wealth just because "they have so much money they don't need it" is theft.

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