Amercan's lose 80,000 jobs, Mexico Gains 65,000

American's lost 80,000 jobs this month. And our buddies at immigration approved 65,000 h1-b visas. So the American workers goe on food stamps. While Mexico imports its work force. Cheap labor and corporate crooks will be the end of America as we know it. Some states are considering a bill that will not punish business from hiring illegals.

In other news IMS is letting go 99/100 of every smuggler who has less then 500 tons. While Americans are arrested for joints.

Double standard or the new standard?

Go to Cnn and vote on this pole.


Damien said...

While I'm understanding of your concern I am also weary when things sound like made up propeganda. If you really expect people to believe your posts you should also include refrences for your informaion.

The Movement said...

This was on CNN American Morning. They were running a poll.

AP: 80000 JOB CUTS

Anonymous said...

did you know american multinationals also own most of mexican banks, who care nothing much for mexico.
all these happened in the 1990s when americans were moving into their macmansions and enjoying cheap money from these very banks
i think it is right to protest when your ass get kicked, and enjoy when it lands on other's

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