Ron Paul Presents President's Forum Lecture Tonight!

Ron Paul ??? the Republican congressman from Texas and Libertarian-leaning presidential candidate ??? will discuss his hopes for America at a President???s Forum lecture on Monday, April 14, at 7:30 p.m. in Goucher College???s Kraushaar Auditorium. Following the lecture, Congressman Paul will hold a book signing.

Due to widespread interest in this event, no more tickets will be available to the greater community. Students, faculty, and staff who want to attend should contact Goucher's box office at 410-337-6333 or boxoffice@goucher.edu as soon as possible.

Although considered a long shot for the Republican nomination ??? registering less than 5 percent on most polls ??? Paul???s anti-war, pro-fiscal responsibility platform has garnered a strong support base of students, military personnel, and voters disillusioned with partisan politicians. Despite Senator John McCain having clinched the Republican nomination, Paul says he will continue his presidential bid to promote his issues.

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