Official Ron Paul Candidates

Editor's Note: I asked the campaign for a list of all the candidates Dr. Paul has endorsed so far, and this is what Jesse Benton sent me:

New England/Northeast
Congressman Scott Garrett (NJ) General election
David Gay for Congress (NY) Primary pending in September
Jim Taylor for State Senate (PA) Lost primary

Middle Atlantic
Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (MD)
Peter James for Congress (MD) Special election June 17
Congressman Virgil Goode (VA)
Amit Singh for Congress (VA) Primary election June 10

Congressman Walter Jones (NC) Primary May 6
William Lawson for Congress (NC) Primary May 6
Erich Smith for Superintendent of Instruction (NC) Primary May 6
Congressman Paul Broun (GA) Primary July 15
Congressman Jimmy Duncan (TN)
Matt Chancy Public Service Commissioner (AL)

Linda Goldthorpe for Congress (MI) Primary August 5
Eric Plourde (L) for Mayor of Ann Arbor (MI) General election

Mountain West
Congressman Doug Lamborn (CO) Primary August 12
George Lilly for Congress (CO) General election (primary still possible)

Upper Midwest/Northwest
Congressman Dennis Rehberg (MT)
MIKE MORE for State House District (MT)
BOB WAGNER for State House (MT)
GREG Hinkle for State Senate (MT)

Bill Johnson, Superior Court Judge of LA County (CA)
Kevin Tunstall, City Council of Missouri City (TX) non-partisan election May 10

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