Ron Paul Sticker Bomb - Thursday Noon Deadline

So I went and had 10,000 of these Ron Paul stickers made. (They are beautiful, if I do say so myself!) Theyre selling pretty good, helping to raise money for the site, but heres the thing: Im leaving town on business for about a month and Id like to move these stickers out into the world before I go. These Ron Paul stickers arent doing anyone any good sitting in boxes in my living room, and that is where theyre going to be for the next month if I dont move them!

Ive slashed the bulk prices down so if you buy in quantity, you can get them for .35 (200 stickers = $70.00), .30 (500 stickers = $150.00) or .25 (1000 stickers = $250). Ill pay the shipping via USPS priority mail. Place your order here.

So what is anyone going to do with 1,000 stickers? Sell them, man! If you get them at these prices, you can easily sell them for a dollar or two to members of your meetup group, or at the upcoming Freedom Festival as a fundraiser for whatever projects you've got going. Everyone wins. I make a small profit, you make a small profit, we all get the word out for Dr. Paul. Smaller quantities are also, of course, available.

Also, Id like to clear these stickers so I can do another run just for the convention. Ill be there and Id like to paint the city Ron with some really cool stickers! So please buy some! Deadline is noon Thrusday ET, so I can get to the post office and mail them out before I leave.

Get them here!

Thank you for your continuing support of Ron Paul and the Daily Paul.

Michael Nystrom

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