Diebold/Premier Actually Admits Its Machines Are Faulty!

TechDirt reports:Consider me to be in a state of shock. For nearly half a decade Diebold has always responded in the identical way to every single report of a problem or security vulnerability with its e-voting machines: attacking those who pointed out the problem and claiming it really wasn't a problem at all. This has happened time and time again that I'm not even sure how to react when the company (renamed Premier to get away from the Diebold name stigma) has finally admitted that its machines have a flaw that drops votes. Oops. It's warning 34 states that use the machines of the problem which was highlighted in the lawsuit Ohio filed against Premiere/Diebold. Not only that, but it's admitting the flaw in the software has been in the software for the past decade.So, uh, why was the company blaming anti-virus software just a couple months ago?It should also make us question Premier/Diebold's longstanding claim that independent outsiders should not be allowed to inspect its machines for problems.


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