Is 'The Dark Knight' an Affirmation of the 'War on Terror'?

A Candid World writes:Apparently I'm not the first one to notice the forceful allegory to the war on terror underlying Christian Bale & Heath Ledger's The Dark Knight. While I'm sad that someone beat me to it, the New York Times' cursory and shallow treatment gives me the chance to play Leibniz to their Newton, a chance other bloggers have gleefully taken. But let's go them one better.First, the Times is quite right that The Dark Knight's take on terror is nuanced; however, it's more nuanced than they let on. For example, in Gotham City, torture works - Batman can beat the Joker around to get the whereabouts of Harvey Dent and Rachel - but it only works in the "ticking bomb" scenario, one that I've already postulated cannot occur outside of the movies, and as soon as the ticking bomb scenario ceases to exist, torture actually becomes dangerous, and a cause of death. Recall how the Joker lures an angry guard into torturing him, just so he can steal the guard's knife, escape, and kill dozens more innocents. The lesson is clear: torture suborns intellect to passion, compromising the reason required of the just warrior.


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