Destroying The Village 'To Save It'

This tortured phrase was the key concept that became the driving force behind our failed military invasion of Vietnam. Today it is rapidly becoming the mantra that underlies the Bailout/Rescue/ Implosion of what was once the basis for US and global financial policies. The reason for turning to this moronic concept was to destroy the global economic system: What is being done now was never intended to "save" it.

The numbers continue to pour in concerning what is actually being done to supposedly 'right the economy,' yet there is one glaring common denominator in everything.

Layoffs, downsizing, or outsourcing are the rulers of the minute, the hour, the day, the week and apparently this will last for years. From Yahoo to automotive manufacturing, from retail stores that continue to drop like flies, to virtually every aspect of local, city and state governments as well as well as the federal government; the money-changers continue to poison every corner of the world we once enjoyed.

Of course the money-changers and the government have had a lot of help from the public that has lost the ability to question, whatever is being done to them on any level, about anything. The proof of this is that now whatever is being done is just announced; rather than being offered to the public as something they might want to have anything to say about. There are no discussions among those of us that shall have to pay for whatever the money-changers decide to do. This Government considers its consumers too stupid to be able to grasp what they are doing; so they just act as they please and then send us their bloated bills for services rendered.

We are in this Economic-War that is changing our lives, potentially forever. The shells that bombard us daily come in the form of press releases, rather than napalm, but hot lead would be preferable to some of this news. There are also land-mines everywhere, so that a trip to visit your money might well result in the metaphorical loss of your legs, or other necessary limbs that we all need to survive. Yet despite all this aggression wrapped in stealth and secrecy, we have yet to answer either the government or the money-lenders with our own October Surprise ­ that would be a firm refusal to continue to put up with whatever they continue to do! Here's a bit of the news from the home-front, (1)
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