A Taxpayer Bail-Out Plan

Since America has chosen to do nothing at all for taxpayers, some rather obvious redistribution corrections need to be made, in who is taxed, and who shall be exempt for life: based on the government's criminal violations of the rights of millions of its citizens.

This proposal is based on the founding compact that exists between the consent of the governed and the government to "raise taxes" upon its citizens: This compact shall be null and void as to the payment of any taxes in the following cases, and for the reasons cited.

1) All citizens have the right to participate in their government by voting; those citizens that have been excluded from the voter rolls illegally by privately contracted firms seeking to limit the number or class of voters that are allowed to vote in any election, should automatically be excluded from ever paying any state or federal taxes: as they have been officially disenfranchised by the government which, by this government's action, no longer recognizes the citizen's sovereign right to representation.

2) Those citizens that have lost their jobs to illegal's that the US government has granted both "services" and "rights" to: while at the same time the now unemployed US citizen's no longer have. These US citizens likewise shall no longer pay federal or state taxes. In cases where the government has aided illegal's to obtain US jobs, then those Americans that lose their jobs because of this policy, shall also no longer pay federal or state taxes.

3) Any US Citizen while serving in the Armed Forces of the United States that has lost his or her right to vote, based on race, partyaffiliation or place of residence shall no longer pay any state or federal taxes, because the government has denied those peoples their legitimate right to vote, while defending the country: this action by the government has terminated the compact between those citizens and their government. Since the US government has chosen not to recognize these service personnel when it comes time for participatory representation in their government ­ then obviously the government cannot demand taxes from those same people to whom the government has denied the right to vote!
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